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Blog pic Laurie Majka in a heart

  I found this Heart made of red and pink rocks while walking on the shore of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. September 2013


WELCOME to my Blog, I am so happy that you are here!  My blog posts typically cover SOUL related topics and stories about life that are important to me.  I am new to blogging and I would love this place to be interactive.  Please comment and share any feedback you care to.  I would also love it if you would tell me about similar experiences you have had.  Enjoy and please come back frequently to check in, I will do my best to add new posts often…..xo Laurie

Blog December 11, 2017

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One of the greatest gifts we receive in this life is the privilege of connecting with another.  But as we move through this lifetime, our past experiences can taint us in this area and keep us from connecting.  We put chains around our heart to protect it and lock others out.  The chains around our heart don’t really protect us– they just keep true love at bay.  The chains represent “Fear you won’t be loved well enough”.  I think as human beings we have all experienced these feelings and maybe even accepted less for ourselves than we should have. The problem is that the moment we accept this idea as truth, we stop truly connecting.  And as long as we carry this thought/idea we cannot feel and experience the love we were meant to have.  We need to let go of these thoughts so we can accept the love we truly deserve!!  Unlock and release the chains that no longer serve you if you want to let love in…xo Laurie

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Blog December 6, 2017

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I love the idea of Soul Mates and my view of them has changed over the years.  I believe that we have many Soul Mates and that they are not all the romantic kind.   Some are friends, some are family and some are in your life to teach you something.  I painted this picture with my dear friend Mark in mind, who died in 2012.  I believe that when he was in my life he was my closest Soul Mate on earth, and no other person in my life up to that time had been a catalyst for as many changes as he was.  He once sent me a text message that said “We will be connected for a long time”.  “Changing my life, changing me” is part of a lyric from the band Chicago’s song “I’ve been searching (so long)”.   I am sure you have or have had someone in your life that you think of in this same way.  I have been told that Mark is now my guardian angel and that he will be with me for the rest of this life time–watching over me and helping me along my path and even learning from me as I live this life–and I completely believe that!!  In the mean time, I have discovered that new love can eclipse old experiences and that every love you experience, and every loss you experience can prepare you for a new unexpected love that takes you to new heights.  We have many many Soul Mates and a new one can enter your life when you are least expecting it and change everything!!  Don’t be afraid to follow your heart when an extraordinary new possibility enters your life. There are no accidents, and that person would not have entered into your life if you weren’t ready for the experience. Above all listen to your Heart and to your Soul Whispers, they will guide you along the way…xo Laurie


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Blog December 1, 2017

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We put more emphasis on our actions when we judge how we act in the World, but we often forget that the thoughts we put into the World are equally important.  It is so much easier to monitor our actions, because they are visible to others.  No one monitors our thoughts but us, so we are often more carefree with them.  Even though we think they are hidden from others, they are more exposed than we realize.  If you are having a conversation with someone and you have a negative thought in your head directed toward them, that thought affects you physically in your expressions and in your body language–even if you think the other person can’t perceive it, most people are fundamentally expert body language readers and they may still be picking up what you are sending out via thoughts.  Thoughts are energy and you are sending that energy into the World and many people are so perceptive or intuitive or empathic (i.e an empath, someone who easily perceives or is affected by the energy/emotions from people around them) that they still “feel” on some level what you are thinking.  Have you ever been near someone who never said a word to you, but you just got a bad vibe from them– it was very likely that you were perceiving the energy they were sending into the World.  On a more positive side, the good energy and actions you are sending into the World can have a tremendously positive affect on the entire planet, and what you send out comes back to you.  If you are not getting back what you want from the World, start by examining what you are sending into the World.  Take an honest look and see where you can make adjustments to what you are doing and how you are thinking so that you can maximize the positive energy coming back to you.  Practice sending niceness, love and kindness into the World–and watch those positive feeling inside YOU grow…xo Laurie


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Blog November 29, 2017

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We all have areas in our lives that contribute to our happiness like Family, Friends, Fun, Love, Self Love, Soul Growth and Work.  I feel that we give unequal amounts of attention to these various areas.  I do believe that most people put huge efforts into the time they spend with their families.  Sometimes we just need a reminder to make sure that Family is a priority when work and other demands pull us in so many other directions.  When Family is a priority, our Soul Soars and our Family grows!  I listed several things that we can do to “shower” our Family with the things that help them grow:  unconditional love, loyalty, support, devotion, responsibility, celebration, laughter, respect and communication.   It is my greatest hope that your Family grows (in the way you want it to grow) and that you are thankful for all of the blessings a healthy loving family brings!!…xo Laurie


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Blog November 21, 2017

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Relationships don’t happen by accident…they need to be nurtured and tended to or they wither and die.  There is a currency that flows back and forth across the relationship path, if one side stops the flow the relationship will not survive.  Unlike possessions, relationships cannot be possessed, they can only be earned.  The good news is the currency needed to gain a relationship is readily available to everyone, no matter your education, age, or social economic place in life.  The life-blood of relationships are Time, Love and Effort.  If any of these are missing, the relationship may function disfunctionally and may survive for awhile, but it will eventually fall short of expectations on both sides.  No one part of the equation is more important than the other, they must all be fully engaged to have a strong relationship.  Love is the unifying force that brings a relationship together and time and effort bind and add strength and stability to the relationship.  These marker don’t just apply to romantic relationship, but to friendships as well.  Every relationship is a precious gift to be cherished and tended to.  Strong efforts turn into stronger relationships.  Just like the act of giving, I feel like my efforts in relationships have paid me back many many times over and above what I initially invested and have continued to invest over time.  So don’t be afraid to examine your relationships to see if they live up to the standards they should.  If they don’t, take to time to find out what you need to do on your end to change that–and look at the other side and evaluate the currency you’ve been paid with.  When a relationship has the right flow on both sides, it should feel beautifully effortless.  Our relationships allow us to connect the deepest parts of ourselves with another–it is a beautiful and worthy quest.  Above all make sure you are grateful for what you have.  Never stop building the most beautiful relationships, they are worth the effort…xo Laurie

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Blog November 15, 2017

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I was on a walk listening to music when the song “Until I find you again” by Richard Marx came on.  What a beautiful ballad that talks about waiting for an amazing love to come back.  When he sang the line “the speed of light is blinding” I instantly saw this picture in my head of two Hearts “colliding” into each other as they rushed together.  I believe that when we come into this world we have other Souls who “contract with us” to come into our lives bound in lessons, either to help us or teach us something.  I do believe that we have many Soul mates, and not all Soul mate relationships are romantic–but all Soul mates have the ability to profoundly affect our lives.  I think on a Soul level, the reunion is almost a relief–“I found you again!!” and that many of our Soul mate relationships are destined to happen, even guided by the “other side”.  Those meetings resonate with us at such a deep level that we often have that feeling of “knowing” someone and feeling a strong connection very quickly.  This recognition causes us to feel as if we have known someone so much longer and more deeply that the timing of the clock would indicate!  That is not to say that we will always keep these Soul mates in our lives, because we are afforded free will, which lets us choose our own path.  You can probably think of many Soul mate relationships already in your life.  If you haven’t found a Soul mate that completes you, be patient because chances are that a new amazing Soul mate IS “Destined to Find You”…xo Laurie


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Blog November 8 , 2017

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I met Grandma Sandy on a 1.3 mile hike that ascends 1,400 feet up a rocky mountain on a 95 degree day then descends back down to the bottom.  Phoenix Arizona is hot and sunny most days, and I was surprised to see a 72 year old Grandma in long sleeves and long pants using hiking poles to descending Camelback Mountain at a quick pace.  I couldn’t help being curious about who she was, so my friends and I engaged her in conversation as we descended the mountain with her for awhile.  She was animated and loving every minute of her journey, and in such great shape that she was able to have a conversation during the strenuous descent.  She shared with us that she hiked this mountain 2 days a week, year round, and hiked other areas for the rest of the days of the week.  I loved her energy and her enthusiasm and I couldn’t help being inspired by her.  3 months later when I was visiting Phoenix again I wanted to share my favorite Phoenix hike with my 18 year old son.  We arrived at the base of Camelback Mountain at 7:30am and began our ascent in the 102 degree dry heat.  About 5 minutes into the hike we met Grandma Sandy on the trail making her way down to the bottom.  We recognized each other and stopped to chat for a minute.  After we parted ways I was talking to my son about the number of people she must inspire on this hike–as not everyone who attempts it makes it all of the way to the top.  As I climbed the mountain, the idea for this painting came to me.  I tried to capture the beautiful desert colors of the mountains that surrounded me and the beautiful pink limitless Heart is Grandma Sandy and anyone who has aged but who still has the courage to not let age stand in their way.  Aging is something none of us living on this Earth escapes, we should embrace our accumulated knowledge, experience and wisdom!  We are aging beautifully…xo Laurie

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Blog October 25, 2017

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“I know you’re out there somewhere, I know I’ll find you somehow”…are the haunting lyrics from the story song “I Know You’re Out There Somewhere” by the Moody Blues.  This  is one of my all time favorite songs.  It is a story about how we search for love and on a Soul level we know who we are looking for “…the secret of your beauty, and the mystery of your Soul I’ve been searching for in everyone I meet”.  As I played this song I got the idea of two Soul Mates reaching each other and coming together because Eternal Love will not be denied (another line from the song).  I made this painting part of my Connected Heart Series.  I believe that we contract with other Souls before coming to this Earth to learn lessons “…cuz’ the promise that we made each other haunts me to the end.”  Free will is always available which keeps the game interesting.  Finding a Soul Mate is not as hard as it seems, we make sure that the meeting will happen when we are ready for the lesson.  Some Soul Mates like family members may contract to be with us from the start (but I think that children pick their parents).  We know on a Soul level when we have encountered a Soul Mate “I know it’s gonna happen, I can feel you getting near“.  We have many Soul Mates: male and female; young and old; like us and different from us; friend and adversary–their purpose is Soul Growth and to learn about love.  You can only truly learn about yourself through your interactions with other. Finding each other is part of the fun and why we keep coming back for more…xo Laurie


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Blog October 11, 2017

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A friend I work with lost her Dad to cancer.  I sat down to send her a note, and I started thinking about all of the things I could say to her.  I realized that no words would be sufficient and then I decided that what she needed most were prayers, energy and love and this picture popped into my heard.  I quickly drew it on paper then painted it that night.  I realized after I finished the painting that prayers, energy and love are all needed in various amounts constantly.  They are universal gifts and ones that we can easily share with others.  You will often hear people say “I’m sending you good energy”, we are all energy—so why couldn’t we send some to a friend who needs it?!  Prayers are easily sent and only take a moment.  Love is the easiest gift of all.  Love can be felt in a smile, a small gesture of kindness, a hug or with just a kind word.  We all have the opportunity every day to make the world a better place.  So, pay attention to those around you by “Sending prayers, energy, love” to someone in need and make their day..xo Laurie.


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Blog October 6, 2017

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Life may take some extreme measures to get your attention.  We all have a plan, a purpose a mission in this life.  Along the way-LIFE- may cause you pain to remind you when you are not on your path.  Look around you, how many people do you know who are actually doing what they love?  My guess is not many, because most often we take what feels like the safe path, the path of least resistance. When we aren’t on our path Life will shake you so badly that you have to stop and take notice.  Such is the case with my life at this moment.  I have been saying for YEARS that I want to own myself.  It is scary to leave the security of what you have built and been successful in.  But–the first step of my plan was to release the idea into the World to see if it would stick.  I pulled the arrow back, took aim and followed the dream watching to see where it could be used to make the biggest impact.  So many times the hardest part of having a dream is taking the shot to turn it into reality.  Y-O-U possess the power!  Y-O-U release the arrow!  Y-O-U have the courage to take ideas and throw them into the World!  Your whispers will guide you and the World will conspire to make sure the arrow hits its intended target.  Take a deep breath, take aim and have faith as you release the arrow.  You never know what will happen until you take the shot..xo Laurie


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